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Binary Encoded Rings

Rings with personalized messages encoded in binary.

Binary code is a way of representing numbers using a pair of symbols (like 1 and 0 or ON and OFF) in a string. The placement of the symbol in the string determines its value, just like the decimal place of the digits in our normal counting numbers determines their values.
In binary notation:
1 is one
10 is two
11 is three
100 is four
101 is five
110 is six
111 is seven
1000 is eight
and so on.

With 5 digits you can count from 0 to 31, enough to represent all 26
letters of the alphabet with 1=A, 2=B and so on:
00001 is one and also "A"
00010 is two and also "B"
00011 is three and also "C"
11000 is twenty-four and also "X"
11001 is twenty-five and also "Y"
11010 is twenty-six and also "Z"

On the binary rings, there are 5 parallel tracks running around the ring, each track representing a digit. The track is engraved for 1 and left blank for 0.
    |   is 00001 is A
   |    is 00010 is B
   ||   is 00011 is C
||      is 11000 is X
||   |  is 11001 is Y
||  |   is 11010 is Z

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