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My work is on display at:
Jade Moran Jewelry Studio
257 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA  
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Color Cubes
hand dyed, 3D printed nylon cube sculpture and jewelry
Color Linkubes  
Orbitals and LinkedRods
New Work  
Two Orbit Trefoil Knot
Trefoil Knots

Mobius Rings
Rings with a single surface that transitions smoothly between the inside and the outside of the band.
Mobius Engagement Rings

Amino Acid Rings
Rings with words encoded in stylized amino acids.
Binary Rings
Rings with binary encoded messages.
Note: These rings are available in gold (yellow, white and rose, in both 14K and 18K), platinum, palladium, and sterling silver

Kinetic cube sculpture in steel.
Linkubes Penta
Kinetic cube sculpture in sterling silver.
Linkubes Penta
Versatile cube jewelry

An assortment of rings that I've created. The rings have been carved in wax and cast in platinum, gold, and sterling silver.

Benzene Rings - Rendered
Computer model for a pair of benzene inspired wedding bands. The rings have been carved in wax and cast in platinum.
Benzene Rings

3 Turn Mobius Sculpture
A welded steel mobius sculpture, with 17 rungs circling around in an endless ladder. Constructed from 1/2" diameter mild steel rod.
Mobius Sculpture

Icosa-Dodecahedral Mandala
The steel mandala is a flattened pair of nested platonic duals; an icosahedron inside of a dodecahedron. The two shapes are not welded together; the icosahedron can be removed from the dodecahedron. They are constructed from 1/4" diameter mild steel rod. polished mild steel - 14.5"x16"x1.5"
Icosa-Dodecahedral Mandala

Icosidodecahedron Mandala
This steel mandala is a flattened icosidodecahedron. It is constructed from 1/4" diameter mild steel rod. polished mild steel
Icosidodecahedral Mandala

Figure 8 Knot
The Figure 8 Knot is a closed loop, which overlaps itself at four points, in its simplest planar projection. The knot is cold-worked 1/4" mild steel rod, oxy-acetylene welded. polished mild steel - 9"x9"x6"
Fig8 Knot

Copper Cinquefoil Knots
Several pentagonal knot permutations, in copper. They each consist of a single closed loop, the ends silver-soldered together.
Copper Cinquefoil Knot

Borromean Rings
Three mutually linked rings, that will come apart if any one ring is removed. One of the links has a gap in it, so this property can be demonstrated. unfinished mild steel - 6.5"x6"x3"
Borromean Rings

Alexander's Horned Sphere
A fractal, composed of linked steel loops of descending diameter and rod thickness. This sculpture has 5 levels of loops (horns), and is only a subset of the true infinitely Horned Sphere. The Alexander's Horned Sphere is homeomorphic with the ball (a solid sphere), and has the same boundary as a sphere. This means that it can be continuously deformed (in the 4th dimension) into a solid sphere. Unlike a standard sphere, however, the surface is not simply connected. See and
The Horned Sphere now resides in Newton, MA.

Alexander's Horned Sphere
5 Level Alexander's Horned Sphere - Rendered
Computer model for an AHS with 5 levels of nesting.
Horned Sphere - 5 levels
4 Level Alexander's Horned Sphere
A steel AHS with 4 levels of nesting.
Horned Sphere - 4 levels

Whitetail Deer (Jan-Mar 2002)
A lifesize whitetail deer, sculpted in 1/2" steel rod. Height: 3'6" at shoulder, 6' with antlers. These albums document the process and progress of the deer from sketch to model to completed sculpture. The deer now resides in NJ.

Model Deer
Models and Studies
the head
The Head
the body
The Body
finished deer
Finished Deer

The Moose (Fall 2001)
A lifesize moose, sculpted in 1/2" steel rod. These albums show the scale model (11"), the actual sculpture (8'6", 130 lbs), and the antler construction. The moose now resides in Maine.

Model Moose
The Moose
The Moose
Bending Antlers
Creating Antlers

Photos from my show:
In Motion/In Progress
at the Maud Morgan Arts Center

20a Sacramento Street Cambridge, MA 02138
September 5-October 21, 2013
In Motion/In Progress

I participated in the 3rd annual
Community Supported Art (CSArt)
program at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

There were 9 artists participating, each creating an edition of 50 pieces.
At the "harvest", shareholders received a bag with pieces from each of the artists.

I've created a set of 50 unique variations on the two orbit trefoil knot, in colorful hand-dyed 3D printed nylon.

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